Edmonton Aylers started out as a two-piece band in 2004. The uniting of Burt von Bolton and Simon Sundell took place in a slightly peculiar place, a daycare center in Stockholm, where Burt stashed his kids and Simon supposedly took care of them.

Having been in bands and writing songs for most of their lives and having a mutual interest in lo-fi recording methods, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, the collecting of curious LP:s and beer, they led themselves to believe that they could also compose splendid music together and they just might have been right.

In 2006 the all-male-non-vocal-combo found that they sometimes desired vocals in their music and contacted Burt’s former band-mate, Cia Backman. Later that year they decided that they could not live without her and she became the third Ayler.

When the first gig was booked, in New York in September, 2008, the trio found that to perform live they needed an extra set of hands, a pair of hands that could play on almost anything. Multi-instrumentalist Peter Söderström was called in for the gig, but afterwards they could not let him go. He became the fourth Ayler.

Since then the Edmonton Aylers have done a string of gigs and released one EP, “How To Move On”, one LP/CD, “Gentle Giant” and the CD “Pilgrim”.  The quartet composes a subtle mix of ambient lo-fi, folk, pop, sometimes instrumental, sometimes not – music in their small, but with gadgets plentifully equipped, studio – Alvik Noise.