Press release Edmonton Aylers, new album ”Pilgrim” Out October 1, 2013

During nine years Edmonton Aylers has been exploring ambient soundscapes with analogue means.
Today the quartet composes a subtle mix of ambient lo-fi, folk and pop and on October 1 the new
album “Pilgrim” is released.

This time the band has created a small analogue, instrumental opus in their studio, Alvik Noise. The
tiny, but with instruments and gadgets richly equipped, studio has served as a creative blast furnace
during the band’s experimenting to achieve 10 songs, each of which tells a little story.

How it sounds? Doubtless, that is a little bit knotty to describe in a few words, so instead we
recommend you listen.
While you are at it, visit Spotify and listen to Edmonton Aylers previous records.

The band has released one EP, “How To Move On” and one LP/CD, “Gentle Giant”.
The work on a new, more pop oriented album, is already underway.

Record company contact:
Nicklas Hovberg/Ready For More Records:


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